TV LED TH-32E330 - 32pouces

- 65%
Prix d'origine 279,000 FCFA
Prix actuel 99,000 FCFA

It is the quality of the image which is decisive in the choice of your flat screen. This is the criterion n ° 1 to take into account! An optimal image quality allows you to get the most out of your High Definition sources (Blu-ray player, latest generation gaming console, HD TNT receiver.) To do this, PANASONIC brand offers you a solution with images still more clear and coherent.

With this LED TV, you can watch the sport not only at your convenience, but in the best possible way. Improve the image and sound for your benefit, watch every moment with great clarity. The sound quality in your living room is identical to the electric atmosphere in the stadium

Size: 32 Inches
Full HD Resolution 1920 * 1080 (HD)
LED Illuminated Panel
Program Numbers: ATV: 100 / DTV: 500
Color System: PAL / NTSC
DTV System: DVB-T / T2
RF Input
DTV Input
Input AV1
USB Ports : 1
HDMI Ports: 2