TV LED 43LK5000 - 43 pouces

- 6%
Prix d'origine 299,000 FCFA
Prix actuel 280,000 FCFA

In addition to its exceptional resolution, the Tv Lg offers you a sound of superior quality that you can not get rid of. It will occupy all your room to make your TV moments even more captivating.A total immersion! Take control of your entertainment with the most convenient and advanced remote control: Driving your TV is as easy as using a computer mouse. You can now devote yourself fully to your hobbies.

Product Type: FULL HDTVC
Model: 43LK5000
Resolution: 1920x1080 Full HD
Screen: Led 49 Inches (109.22 cm)
Processor: Dual core
Hdd / Usb: Yes
Teletext page: Yes
Power Saver : Yes