Meuble TV LARA

- 20%
Prix d'origine 169,000 FCFA
Prix actuel 135,000 FCFA
Lara is designed to stylize screens up to 50 "without Taking up space in the room. If you-have a small living room, this is the ideal. With a width of 1.35 m, it is versatile and adaptable to smaller spaces. Even small, there is plenty of room to make life Easier and more convenient in this living room library. Quietly store your favorite book collections and decorative items on the top shelf. The unique niche for electronic gadgets Ensures year Organized and wirelessly exposed room. Even everyday That objects do not need to Appear are Gaining space, They are spacious and protected by a swing door.

Speaking of functionality, the Lara Living Room Bookshelf hAS optional feet That Make cleaning easy.You choose: it can be with or without them, with the look you prefer. Thinking about the quality of materials and the finish, thought of Linea Brazil! The unique wood finish gives the feeling of being at the touch of wood. All Linea Brasil furniture is made of high quality material

Width: 1,35m
Height: 1,85m Depth: 0,37m
Tv: 72cm / L125cm

Ideal for TVs up to 50 "